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New Children, New School Year, New Transitions

Transitions can be difficult for adults and children alike. Children leaving the care of their families for the first time, moving up to a new age grouping, or leaving child

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Nature Play Space Promotes Creative Play at the Maryland State Fair for a Second Year

By Mary Beck Tucked away from screeching roller coasters and happy screams of fair-goers, a frog fountain spits water into a small pond. Three children work together nearby packing sand

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In the Spotlight: Becky’s Family Daycare

  Rebecca Quinn, like most child care providers, is familiar with the many resources available to support young children and their families. After 20 years in the Maryland child care

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Maryland EXCELS Toolkit Now Available!

  The brand new Maryland EXCELS Toolkit is here! Be sure to check out this collection of interactive tools and information that will help you navigate your way through the

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Community Resource Fun!

Children begin exploring the world from the moment they are born.  As they grow, their world expands from the family and home they live in, to the community that surrounds

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